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On the drive home tonight, we were listening to Mark Levin and he had a caller from W Virginia. He was a sharp fellow, but, oh! what an accent!

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Asparagus: NYT: Rubio, Schumer personally involved in compromising News Corp, Limbaugh, and many others for amnesty.

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Rush, just now, played a montage of clips of Obama talking about how angry he was about one thing and another. Oh, he's angry upset and indignant.

Could've used that in my video!

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Sheila Jackson Lee
Rush Limbaugh

Wow. Weird. The odds on the two of them being born on the same day must be, like, 365.25:1 or so.

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Nice work by Bristol.

Speaking of advertisers who dumped Rush, anyone got a suggestion for an alternative to LegalZoom?

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We all must be taking our lock-step talking points from the anti-journo-list!

PoliNation and HillBuzz — more Yay! for many good blogs!

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