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Mary, Joseph, baby
Journey to Bethlehem

A simple trip to pay the taxes becomes a life-or-death nightmare for a new family. A cartoon-illustrated take on the Nativity story. Introduction.

Cartoon added on 2014 Feb 14 Jesus, Christmas
A hint of Wisdom
UB comix

From inkling to affirmation

Illustration added on 2013 Aug 20 Adjutants, spirit contact
UB comix
Jerusalem Report

Reporting on miraculous events one week in Jerusalem.

Cartoon added on 2013 Apr 5 Jesus, resurrection, Easter
UB comix
The Ballad of Cymboyton

Minstrel failure

Verse added on 2011 Jun 23 Cymboton
Circles and radiating text
UB comix
What Matters, Two Views

Comparing perspectives on what's important, two charts.

Cartoon added on 2011 Apr 24 Urantia Moovement
Not funny!
UB comix
No Joking Matters

Cut ye your fellow some slack.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 5 Urantia Moovement, humor, women's liberation
UB comix
Seven Weekly Strips

Seven weekly UB Comix strips collected

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4 panic, cultism, Urantia Moovement, armegeddon, Spirit, evangelism
UB comix
Reminders (To Love God and Fellow)

What to do instead of panic?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4 remember, reminder, love, prayer, panic, emergency, service, stick figure
UB comix

Follow the yellow brick road?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4 truth, yoga, service, seeking, Urantia
UB comix #10
Big 3 Yantra

What are they up to now?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3 father, Son, Spirit, Trinity, yantra
UB comix #9
Angels & Midwayers

and humans.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 2 angels, midwayers, humans, Urantia Papers
UB comix #8
National UBographic

It's a jungle in there! Exploring the Foreword in an adventure into the mind! Updated 2014 Feb 4: New color versions.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 1 Urantia Papers, science fiction, Foreword, mind, psychic
UB comix #7
Mysteries of Sevens (Intro)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7, all good children go to heaven. Examining the many mysterious re-occurrences of sevens. Introduction.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 1 sevens, Urantia
UB comix #6
Success & Achievement

Setting your goals high enough.

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 29 success, achievement, attainment, goals
UB comix #5
Theories of Origin Considered

Revelation or fabrication? You be the judge!

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 17 Urantia Papers, Dr William F Sadler Sr, revelation
UB comix #4

Ask yourself, what isn't channelled?

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 17 channelling, TM, psychic, John Lennon, Beatles, revelation, evolution, Urantia
UB comix #3
Mysterious Crop Circles

Inexplicable phenomenon revealed! New 2013 Feb 4: New color version.

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 16 science fiction, crop circles, trademark, Urantia Moovement
Spirit Contact & Dreams (intro)

Who knows what dreams may come? Looking for signs of higher consciousness in the season of sleep. Introduction.

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 9 dreams, spirit contact, mind, humor, Urantia
UB comix #2
There Are No Accidents

But there may be fortuitous coincidences.

Cartoon added on 1999 Aug 26 accident, coincidence, chance, Urantia, Dr William F Sadler Sr