Daily Doodles

Daily Doodles
Series II Redux
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Image Sources

Chevy for 1960:
Billboards of the Past
Actual old billboards for sale!

Crop Circle Winery:
Azvineyardguy's Blog

1950 Chevy Coupe:

Mazda KAAN E1 &
Coche Futurista:
Kosas Khayk Ver Y Saber Blog
Bestias de Cuatro Ruedas Hacia el Futuro
Big collection of futuristic car designs

Reagan Billboard:
Public Secrets Blog

Marijuana Billboard:

Turn in Your Arms:

McDonald's Billboard:
Cowan Entertainment Company
Designer and Graphic Artist: Rennie Cowan

Fall New England Countryside:

Burma Shave:
Ranch Ramblins

Driver of 1950 Chevy:
Oil and Gas Ads of the 1950s
Daily Doodles
Series I Redux
Rewards of the Long, Hard Climb
Rewards of the long, hard climb
Effort does not always produce happiness.

Also appears in Short and Tall Tales Random Acts of Humor.