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Manly Posture
Radical Incline

Some body posture revealing who has big brass ones and who doesn't.

Animagraphic added on 2019 Mar 28
Subjects: Donald Trump, leadership
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Back in to say...

OldDominionMom, found Clive Cook story on Rush. Not where I originally read it, but that's the story! Thanks!

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Subjects: citizenship, leadership

On the drive home tonight, we were listening to Mark Levin and he had a caller from W Virginia. He was a sharp fellow, but, oh! what an accent!

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Subjects: citizenship, leadership, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh
Angry Jesus

Did he overthrow tables and whip merchants? The gospels, my own perspective growing up, and the Urantia Papers.

Text added on 2014 Mar 3
Subjects: Jesus, anger, self-control, wisdom, leadership
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As long as we avoid that kind of political leadership on a national level, we should be okay.
Posted by: Gregory of Yardale



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Subjects: leadership
Decisiveness and wisdom.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 29
Subjects: pareidolia, leadership, figures, extraterrestrial

Stuck's story recalls ancient days debating Meaningful Stuff on Compuserve forums. One's debate opponent usually digs in deeper, practically never conceding, becoming enlightened or informed.

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Subjects: CompuServe, leadership
Tricircles over Jerusalem

The revelation gives us the power and purpose to be the spiritual leaders of the world.

Text added on 1997 Oct 28
Subjects: Urantia Papers, revelation, leadership
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