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Yuimetal: ...They should have physically interposed themselves between this bozo and the posters. Let her physically accost them, and then sue her ass into oblivion.

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Question: Are the few Christians on TV today more likely or less likely to publicly express their beliefs?
Answer: Less likely. ... Mission accomplished.

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Alfred E. Obama
Radical Incline

So that no one has to mine the heap of offsite comments for the nuggets, these were panned out of the stream for October 2013, brushed off and polished up as needed before being set here.

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Yay. Long link worked.

Chiming in on something glanced back upthread almost 20 minutes ago :

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"If only our society had an independent group dedicated to observing and disseminating information about important events." -Burn the Witch

"No such group exists." -NWConservative

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Bloggers do not get "press" status.

When freedom of the press was originated, pamphleteering and propaganda were as much 'press' as 'newspapers.'

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The "Town Hell" debate had an audience of undecided voters. They were undecided how many votes they wanted to cast for Obama.

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As print dies and the Net is all there is, They will try to limit, edit, and control what the Net allows.

I suggest everybody watch it again, if you haven't recently.

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We all must be taking our lock-step talking points from the anti-journo-list!

As I've followed one blog to another, it does take me longer than ever to skim through all my favorites, and I don't get to half as many as I'd like, but: Yay! for many good blogs!

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>...anyone else questioning recent history, before the internet...?

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Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of inciting hatred of Muslims

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Subjects: Geert Wilders, Islam, freedom of information • Sat 2011 Feb 5, 1:22pm

As with drugs and other moral prohibitions, I believe the approach of blanket criminalization of abortion is inappropriate. To the epidemics of mammon -- like drug over-indulgence and the degeneracy and confusion which results in the epidemic of unintended and unwanted pregnancies and consequent abortion -- fundamentally, healthy bodies, minds, and families, and powerful, rightly-directed devotion are the only real *preventative* answer. Which, plainly, is the long, slow, hard road.

While heading there, regardless of our thinking in how to deal with the issues, we'd all like DATA if the government has it, right?

Obama Administration Covering Up Abortion Data

The CDC Coverup Now Turns to Bureaucratic Panic