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Fri 2018 Dec 21

Fri 2018 Dec 21, 4:46pm
On Lost Issues

Bob G: "In particular, nice recoloring job on Reed's face." That was my first thought, too!

Then, I was trying to remember which early Kirby cover this was from, because it just seemed odd. Had to look it up. FF#10. Didn't just color the face, but flipped Reed L-R but not the (4) of course. I've noticed our host is rarely one to take the cheap-and-easy route.

Fri 2018 Dec 7

Fri 2018 Dec 7, 5:08pm
On Steven Crowder | YouTube

A million views 8400 comments - how lost will my comment be? Life online! ... Steven - has anybody ever clued you in that when you try to do Bernie Sanders you sound like Gilbert Gottfried? Surely I'm not the first to inform you of this. Send money if I am. Ho ho. Merry Christmas.

Wed 2018 Sep 12

Wed 2018 Sep 12, 6:40pm
On Muldoon's Limericks

Some critics are lacking compunction
They come at you wielding a truncheon
Not to take you to task
But I just had to ask
Just what in the heck is an "untion"?

Fri 2018 Aug 24

Fri 2018 Aug 24, 3:01pm
On Arlo and Janis

Just got back from a week on the road. All three cats delighted to see us.

The trick is, in our case, cats that get to go outside all the time are stuck inside with the catbox, plus, feeding and care by less adequate friends, so when you come back, they're like, "Oh, thank the Cat of Cats that you've returned! Feed us right!"

Sun 2018 Aug 12

Sun 2018 Aug 12, 4:40pm
On Comics Curmudgeon

Spidey: A totally stereotyped Asian Fu Manchu villain... called the Golden Claw? Really?

Shouldn't there be at least one week's worth of strips playing with his accent, too?"

Spidey: "The Craw you say? The Gordon Craw?"

Bad guy: "No! No! Not the Gordon Craw! The Gordon Craw!"

Thu 2018 Jul 12

Thu 2018 Jul 12, 6:13pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Larson's Far Side art style is evident in two if not all three of the other cartoons. Piraro mostly has his own style, but his humor is much like Larson.

The peep show is… a bit disturbing. Well, best not to think too deeply about most of these… :D

Wed 2018 Jul 11

Wed 2018 Jul 11, 11:41pm
On PoliNation

…eight years in prison…

Vic is Pete's counterpart of sorts over at Ace of Spades - great links and commentary. Vic likes to apply the rule of "what would they have done 100 years ago?" I don't think "eight years" would've been the verdict.

But I'm sure this young man will emerge from our criminal rehabilitation services with his life turned around, ready to be a productive and *CHOKE* *COUGH* *HAA-KAACK* Sorry. Couldn't finish that without choking.

Tue 2018 Jul 10

Tue 2018 Jul 10, 11:39am
On PoliNation

The St Jude vid is back or replaced, I see. Good.

Good stuff here. Thanks, chrissy. Drag-Artist Kitty was amusing. You inspired me to create a playlist for #WalkAway, with most of what you mentioned here and more. Still working on it.

Tue 2018 Jul 10, 11:16am
On PoliNation

Women’s March Sends Press Release Bashing Trump SCOTUS Nominee – Forgets To Add Name Of Nominee

I imagine some conservative editorial cartoonist / meme poster maker - preparing a joke protest letter that has the judge's name accidentally left blank - throwing down his pencil in frustration.

These people are so far beyond parodying now.

Tue 2018 Jul 10, 11:05am
On PoliNation

This one was just stunning. Every single one of those replying was an ignorant liar. (Don't know how that interviewer keeps such a straight face.) I kept waiting for at least one to say, "Oh, has he chosen already?" or anything else that would show they weren't just spewing doctrine like a zombie.

Tue 2018 Jul 10, 10:58am
On PoliNation

Kavanaugh Called Hillary Clinton a B*tch

I had my doubts about Kavanaugh, but now I'm convinced he's a good choice.


Tue 2018 Jul 10, 10:53am
On PoliNation

Happysad feelings. Moving is always a melancholy chaos.

I really enjoyed our brief visit to Alaska years ago. Seeing the sun not set the night we got there was amazing. Flowers seemed brighter than anywhere - I figured it was the long days filling them with light.

This would seem a good time to leave Alaska, before the soul-crushing endless nights. ;)

May their move go well and their new home be welcoming.

Mon 2018 Jul 9

Mon 2018 Jul 9, 4:21pm
On PoliNation

This woman simply thanked the Trumps for helping support St. Jude Hospital

Dagnabbit. YouTube has removed this great video before I grabbed a copy!!

Sun 2018 Jul 8

Sun 2018 Jul 8, 10:39am
On PoliNation

Back-of-my-mind has been bugging me since I left that comment - speedo-curly hair on pop can accusation was against Thomas not Bork. Double fail.

Sun 2018 Jul 8, 10:33am
On PoliNation

He climbed all the way up by himself.

Soooooo terrifying! But as I learned long ago, a parent has to let go of the back of the bicycle eventually - that's the whole point.

Milady and I are going today to my grandson's parents' wedding ceremony. Four hour round-trip drive to make official what IMO they've been since they decided to have the baby. Well, better late than never. Kidz deez days, 'mirite?

Sun 2018 Jul 8, 12:32am
On PoliNation

GREAT NEWS: Guam is now abortion-free!

"Oh, great. Now with unrestricted reproduction, the island is sure to tip over!" -Rep. Hank Johnson

Sat 2018 Jul 7

Sat 2018 Jul 7, 7:20pm
On PoliNation

Really funny!

The swimsuit competition has been considered controversial ever since it caused the otherwise-qualified Robert Bork not to get a seat at the Supreme Court in 1987.

If he hadn't been wearing that Speedo, there would never have been a curly hair on that soda pop can. :roll:

Trump loves puppet shows, “especially if the puppets hit each other.”


Me, too.

Sat 2018 Jul 7, 7:15pm
On PoliNation

Them: “during an election year.”

So-called McConnell Rule: “during a PRESIDENTIAL election year.” I.e., when voters are deciding on the next person who will nominate for the SCOTUS vacancy.

The current election cycle will have no impact on that. Trump will still be president in January.

Glad you put that in there, chrissy - saved me the typing.

They know better.

They just lie, I figger.

Fri 2018 Jul 6

Fri 2018 Jul 6, 2:43pm
On PoliNation

Sometimes you're the poacher.

Sometimes you're the poachee.

Thu 2018 Jul 5

Thu 2018 Jul 5, 3:01pm
On PoliNation

"NY Times Columnist: Justice Kennedy ‘Betrayed the Country’"

Hmm. I had somewhat the opposite take.

:D :D :lol: #Winning :lol: :D :D