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Wed 2017 Sep 20

Wed 2017 Sep 20, 12:01pm
On Stilton's Place

Mister Jarlsberg,

You helped us with laughter when we were enduring the pain of the Obamama years.

Now you help us with laughter still -- sorry it's at your pain and suffering this time 'round. But, funny toon, wretched retching man! In the classic Jarlsberg value of funny.

Sun 2017 Sep 17

Sun 2017 Sep 17, 4:42pm
On PoliNation

Pete, that last pic of the Huskie is how I felt on your tsunami of pun-ishment.

Good one. Had me :) ing.

Sun 2017 Sep 17, 4:36pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Religious humor is a delicate art. I think all these were tastefully hilarious.

For all the bad press he's had heaped upon him, I expect the once-and-forever Son of Man Jesus Christ must have a good senska humour 'bout many jokes we tell on him. Like him holding up the bread and fishes, and the crowd complaining about gluten and mercury. Anyway, we ain't been lightning-smitten yet.

Actually, when I first read the Gospels through for myself, one thing that really endeared me to Jesus was his sense of humor. It was subtle, wry, always to the point, and current then or now. His Establishment interrogators would be flummoxed into silence while the commoners chortled at the profound but simple and obvious answers he'd give.

"You'd get your sheep out of the ditch on the Sabbath, right?" (Crowd smiles, Pharisees cringe.)

Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus walk into a bar…

Sat 2017 Sep 16

Sat 2017 Sep 16, 2:43pm
On Patriot Retorts

In fact, it sounds to me like Brooke Baldwin would be far more comfortable living in 1817.

MMmm! 1817 bewbies!

(Sorry. Just being obliviously male.)

Fri 2017 Sep 15

Fri 2017 Sep 15, 4:10pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Always enjoy your ad collections.

I was scrolling down, and got to the milk ad, and thought, a nice bit of unforced "diversity" with the black kid up front, some kind of ethnic kid behind him. Only one girl, though. :)

Then I got down to Picaninny Freeze and then Cream o' Wheat… Holy Mackerel!! The past was a different country.

Occurs to me that Cream o' Wheat guy with the chalkboard could be a meme pic - change up the message. For those who do such things.

Thu 2017 Sep 14

Thu 2017 Sep 14, 12:05pm
On Weird Universe

I'm not even sure what "blackout protection" means.

So I'll just go ahead and guess: The costuming for one of those creeps in Clockwork Orange?

Tue 2017 Sep 12

Tue 2017 Sep 12, 6:01pm
On Patriot Retorts

“Dust jacket” – heh.

Seeing a person dressed like that will invariably elicit the comment, “Oh, dear! What happened?”

One of my favorite “replies” to the question:

Sun 2017 Sep 10

Sun 2017 Sep 10, 6:07pm
On Patriot Retorts

Hi. My inner nag says, it's shoo in, like shoo-fly, unless you mean putting your shoe in like galoshes.

Speaking of flies, oh, to have been one on the wall when Hillary realized she was not going to be President of the United States!

Now she says she doesn't want to be a candidate anymore... while campaigning and self-promoting.

Small wonder the Dems would just like her to go away. But, like with Kamala, we hope she'll just keep on chugging along, boring holes in the hull of the sinking ship Democrat.

Fri 2017 Sep 8

Fri 2017 Sep 8, 2:45am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

This morning, I stole the "fine line" joke to tell it to Milady. You make me look so witty, BoB!! Heh.

Just now, up too late at night, we went through this post together.

We agreed that we know that "derive" is funny, but we don't know enough calculus to know why.

Now she's reading me bits from "Handy engineering conversions" - which is good, because I didn't finish it.

Bluebird of Sweetness, in disguise!

Thu 2017 Sep 7

Thu 2017 Sep 7, 3:06pm
On PoliNation

Bill Nye (not) the scientist guy, during an interview with Dan Rather…

Wow! There's a pair of experts! Two utterly-exposed frauds, neither of whom, by all rights, should ever be heard from again, much less anything they say taken seriously. And yet…!

Style guide suggestion #1: Should be Dan "Fake But Accurate" Rather.

Style guide suggestion #2: "Bill Nye, just a guy with an engineering degree," or "Bill Nye the #FakeScience Guy." Another possibility: "Bill Nye, the predator pushing polymorphus perversity."

Always preferred Beakman's World, anyway.

Tue 2017 Sep 5

Tue 2017 Sep 5, 11:36pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

1,000,000 aches = 1 megahurtz

That's how I've been feeling lately.

Mon 2017 Sep 4

Mon 2017 Sep 4, 12:04pm
On PoliNation


I thought he used a mirror!

Sat 2017 Sep 2

Sat 2017 Sep 2, 5:26pm
On PoliNation

As I mentioned in a previous comment (didn't I? I think I did!), someone suggested that the shorts-and-sandals guy was actually the cameraman, dressed in a red CNN jacket just like the "reporter." Note that the camera does appear to have been abandoned at that point. So, maybe not a fake-out. Two different people.

Now, the timing of the truck driving headlong into the water, and the driver leaving his cowboy hat on the dashboard were certainly suspicious. But, if you can't trust CNN...

Fri 2017 Sep 1

Fri 2017 Sep 1, 7:52pm
On PoliNation

Re did CNN fake trucker rescue: one explanation I saw was that the guy in shorts and sandals was the cameraman, not the reporter.

CNN is, nevertheless, #FakeNews :D

Fri 2017 Sep 1, 5:44pm
On PoliNation

Y'know, I really hate to rain :) on any heroic efforts, but someone pointed out something interesting about this CNN pulls man from truck video.

At 0:32 you can see the red-jacketed CNN guy running behind a sign, but there's one frame you can clearly see he's wearing shorts and sandals.

Then there's a cut.

When we re-focus on them with the trucker, red jacket guy appears to have on long pants and waders.

What the ever-lovin' what th'? Was that maybe a different guy in red jacket? Or did CNN dude take time to change clothes before being video'd "helping the trucker"?

At this point, being as it's CNN, I wouldn't put it past them to have staged the stupid move of that truck driving headlong into water in the first place! I mean, what kind of Texan gets out of his truck and leaves his hat on the dashboard?

I know, I know, I'm just being paranoid. It's not like anyone ever saw a CNN Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed 4 Times In A Row!!!

Fri 2017 Sep 1, 5:26pm
On PoliNation

Okay, those weren't exactly Harvey-specific, but, I hope, within the "don't let them divide us" topic.

Fri 2017 Sep 1, 5:25pm
On PoliNation

Couple good ones by Oregon Muse on Ace of Spades Morning Rant this morning. (Will these embed?)

“Busting the Narrative”

Thu 2017 Aug 31

Thu 2017 Aug 31, 10:53am
On PoliNation

Pete: "If you don’t really want to quit there’s no pill, patch, or gum that will make you do it. When you really want to, you will."

That's what I've always heard.

Willpower is something any normal-minded person can call upon to an astonishing degree, but like most powers it's easier if you've practiced "can" instead of "can't."

I may have mentioned before: Mom started smoking when she was 17. She smoked for fifty years. One day while visiting her grandbaby, Mom was short of breath, and thought, here it is, the big C, or something.

Turned out it was really just an allergy-asthma attack, but she laid the cigs down cold turkey then and there. (She had practiced giving up cigs every year for Lent for decades.)

When she lays out the cards for solitaire, she says, she took up this version of sol because she loses readily and has to shuffle more. Keeps her hands busy. Still craving, thirty years later! BUT!! Thirty years later she's alive to meet MY new grandkid. And visit the gym twice a week.

Meanwhile, let me say I've always detested "morality taxes." Even if they worked as advertised and, instead of smuggling and black markets, people really did quit/reduce their smoking or gambling or drinking sugary drinks or using gasoline, then the gov't is just out of that "revenue," and they have to tax something else to make up for it. It's all unfair, posturing, and in a way enforcing a kind of State Religion.

tl;dr: Mom got clean. Gov't sux.

Thu 2017 Aug 31, 10:24am
On PoliNation

Dianny had some good pix of Vogue contributor Lynn Yaeger in her very best "bag lady" attire.

Pete: "I can’t decide whether she’s the Queen of Hearts from Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland or the result of a bizarre genetic experiment gone horribly wrong."

I'm pretty sure, in the film Men in Black, when they were showing a montage of pictures of all the extraterrestrials hiding as humans on earth, that Yaeger's image was up on the board.

Tue 2017 Aug 29

Tue 2017 Aug 29, 7:36pm
On PoliNation

Finally finished reading the whole thing + comments. Pete, nice work.

"Abracadabra" got a chuckle from me! Nice closer.

I try to keep up with PoliNation every day. I read widely and frequently have caught items before finding them here, but there's always something new in Pete's news. Also, of course, there's Pete's inspiring commentary, whether uplifting praise, as for the good workers in the Houston disaster, or withering condemnation, as of the wretches and roaches.