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Best of Spirits

Thinking of Faith

There are those whose faith is deep and that sure. Some have hopeful but wavering faith. Some have a kind of intellectual belief, which faith less springs from the heart than hangs upon mind. Like Pascal's wager. For the last, it is an exercise to pray and believe without seeing.

I've always found much inspiration in the plea that distressed father said to Jesus: "Lord, I believe -- help me in my unbelief."

Best of Spirits

Sweet smell of new-mown hay

Haying done

Radical Incline

Catastrophic Team-Up

Saddam & Gamora
Don't know what brought this to mind. I'd not be surprised if it's already been done.

Short & Tall Tales

The Fundamentals of Kitchen Economies

Free to Chew with Chef Milton

Radical Incline

How free people would handle the seasons

Eternal clockInstead of the ludicrous and ignorant re-setting of clocks, how much harder would it be to say, on such-and-such days, businesses, schools, et al. shift to summer (or winter) hours Anyone can follow the gov't recommended (but not mandated) "shift" days if preferred. Just change the "business" hours for those that want to. Not the clocks.

[Farmers know standard time is reality.🐄 ]

Now, with geolocated cell phones, we can actually have much finer-grain time zones than the current 24…