Inside-the-Beltway Folks

On the drive home tonight, we were listening to Mark Levin and he had a caller from W Virginia. He was a sharp fellow, but, oh! what an accent! The kind that some elitists would think he was a dumb hick.

Years ago, I started keeping my "blog heap o'links" (nic link) so when I read something I liked, I could link it, and search for it again relatively easily. A public personal bookmarks page.

Sometimes I read something and blog it.

But sometimes I read something I wish I had blogged, but I can maybe search my history and find it.

However, sometimes I read something in the newsfeed itself, not opening the page, and that doesn't get into the browser history. I think this last happened today. Or was it yesterday?

Anyway, I read somebody's blog post about someone who had a friend, from England, who moved to DC, and made friends with inside-the-beltway folks.

Then, he told them he was going to buy a house in (I think) W Virginia, and his elitist friends were saying things like, why would you move among those gap-toothed, shotgun-shooting, cousin-humping -- etc. -- people??

He was amazed, because the nobility in England didn't hold the ordinary folk in such disdain. (Which fits the description I recently read in Washington's Irving's Sketchbook. New-rich might have snobby attitudes, but not the true nobility.)

He moved, and of course found his neighbors to be salt of the earth folks.

Wish I could spirit up that post. That's the problem with subscribing to dozens and dozens of sites and reading hundreds of feed items a day... and not blogging one.