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And furthermore, when the moon is full, how is it that the sky is not filled with moths, struggling desperately to reach that big bright light in the sky?

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Subjects: moon

Speaking of SF-ish flix (which Avatar isn't), Milady and I finished watching The Martian tonight. Satisfying enough - well portrayed.

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Subjects: Mars, moon, science fiction

Back from checking out the morning thread. Meh. No Vic News for Christmas Eve. Guess that's okay. He had to anniversarize, after all.

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Subjects: moon, space travel

You want the moon, Mary? I'll lasso it for you.

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Subjects: moon

"Winter is coming.
Early. OK, more like
autumn weather but
chilly none the less."

I abject yer rhymeless haikoo!


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Subjects: cats, moon, poetry, Winter

The Giant Moon went down and we had a few moments of almost-dark before the dawn began breaking. It's a beautiful morning for August in Oklahoma.

Morning, Glorious Pixelated Personages.

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Subjects: aloha, moon, Oklahoma

This long post conveniently broken up into readable bite sizes as if I'd been commenting all along...


"Intentionally Crashed Into the Far Side of the Moon"

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Subjects: AoSHQ, Eureka, moon

Waning gibbous moon hangs at the one o'clock position in a steel-blue field. Layers of coral and turquoise glow on the eastern horizon. Birds chorus like it's early Spring.

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Subjects: moon, Oklahoma, Spring

From the Mail article on moon triangle:

In November, paranormal researchers found what they believed to be evidence of a fossilised iguana on the surface of Mars.

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Subjects: extraterrestrial, Mars, moon

When I awoke, the moon on the crest of the new-fallen snow gave the luster of daylight to objects below. Now the sun is up, somewhere behind the clouds, and I can see fog rising over the pasture.

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Subjects: fog, moon, snow

Half-moon behind thin clouds
Ghostly pallor across the pastures
A muted All Hallow's Eve
before the glorious All Saints dawn

Whar's muh mornin' thread?

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Subjects: clouds, moon, sunrise
Blue Moon
Where blue moons happen every day.
Illustration added on 2013 Feb 10
Subjects: landscape, abstract, moon, extraterrestrial

The stress which broke the camel's back, the last straw, was not the biggest straw, nor the heaviest state, not significantly different than all the other straws.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, moon, NASA
Hillside by Moon

With not a breath of breeze.

Illustration added on 2012 Aug 27
Subjects: landscape, moon, night
The Screamer
He was probably cutting a new tooth.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 24
Subjects: moon, glowing eyes, abstract