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Forgive a bit of selfpromo? A prequel to the one above. :D
Time Traveler's Conundrum
We had the best of intentions.
4-panel cartoon

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Subjects: time-space

J.J. Sefton: NICE!!!

Thanks. My daughter has repeatedly said, pretty dark for my usual fare, but seemed like a necessary resolution.

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Subjects: alternative history, science fiction, time-space

Morning, Glories. Permission to re-board the USS AoS?

A comic repeat (Apr 2014) re changing history, just for BttF day.

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Subjects: science fiction, time-space

Big thoughts from a little guy hitting the sacramental wine before bedtime.

Big Guy knows what's needed, I absolutely trust that.

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Subjects: destiny, fear, prayer, theology, time-space, wine, worry
Time Traveler
Short & Tall Tales

I will tell you my dark secret... ...I went back in time... with the best of intentions.

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Subjects: time-space, alternative history, science fiction
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"Time travelers are REALLY good at hiding!" -Seamums Muldoon

That sounds too much like work.

When you find evidence of time travel, we just go back and remove it, duh.

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Subjects: time-space
Centers of Power
It's all under control
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Dec 17
Subjects: Creation, time-space, power
Galaxies expanding in space

Where it came from and where it's taking us. Chris Tyler gives a presentation on Time at the Urantia Book Fellowships Youth & Young Adult conference at 533 Diversey, Chicago, in 2012.

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Subjects: time-space
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I miss Tony Hillerman. We need zombie Tony Hillerman mysteries.

Moorcock wrote that "time-travel to see Jesus" story, right? That sucked so bad I never read anything by him again.

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Subjects: time-space
UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures
UB Comix #1, pages 4-5
The lower-res version. Other: High-res and Poster

UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures.

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