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Ace is up. I must move on.
We'll meet again,
if the world's not gone.

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Subjects: asteroid, catastrophe, NASA
Five Thousand Years Ago
A good time to hightail it out of the doomed city.
Illustration added on 2013 Nov 26
Subjects: abstract, asteroid

Gov-osis: the obsessive desire to bring government into anything. Once you become aware of the evidence of this disorder, the ubiquity of the epidemic becomes clear.

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Subjects: asteroid, proper province of government, threat

you know in movies when it seems like the worst is over and everybody goes, "whew!" and then the 2nd wave hits/ monster revives/ killer returns?

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Subjects: asteroid

"Scifi tv shows and movies always show spaceships coming here and approaching Earth in the plane of its orbit and always with North on top."

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Subjects: asteroid, space travel