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Webworkshop #2
The Art of

A second attempt to record some live music-like stuff. Now it's actually a series. Five selected songs.

Video added on 2016 Aug 19
Subjects: wonder, faith, marijuana, belief, agondonter, risk, humor
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The nurse had twice gone into the room where Mr Garcia Viejo had been treated, to be directly involved in his care and to disinfect the room after his death.

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Subjects: disease, risk

Relax! Enjoy! Grab a triple word square, cth! Hope you don't see this for a while.

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Subjects: Scrabble, risk, Jotto, family, news, Sheila Jackson Lee

I'll show Putin who's what!

USA into Canada, Tracking with three dice.

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Subjects: risk

»»If I was Belarus I'd be getting nervous. If Russia takes all, or even most of Ukraine, they'd be flanked on two borders. Taking that country would also help isolate Lithuania, Latvia, etc.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, risk, Russia

"...assault charge against a man who poked holes in his condom so as to get his girlfriend pregnant against her will."

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Subjects: pregnancy, risk, sex

Isn't marijuana more carcinogenic than tobacco?
Posted by: alexthechick

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Subjects: cancer, marijuana, proper province of government, risk, tobacco
Decisions, decisions. And more decisions.
Cartoon added on 2012 Sep 28
Subjects: risk, chance, choice, destiny, fork in the road
Risk™ cards
Short & Tall Tales

There's a certain amount in almost everything you do.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: risk, chance, fate, decisions, effort
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