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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #6
The Art of

Six songs of betrayal, lost love, sogginess, and silliness, for your entertainment and enlightenment.

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Laurie David's Cervix: A controversial experiment at Fermilab designed to hunt for signs that our universe may really be a hologram has failed to find the evidence it was seeking...

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Subjects: universe, virtual reality

"If the Universe really looks like that, shit, what a fucking mess." Ricardo Kill

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Subjects: Creation, universe
Nothing to see here. Nothing to imagine.
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Dec 21
Subjects: butterfly, fish, universe
Potentially inhabited world
Best of Spirits

They're not Out There. We are. And the Extremely Inhabited Universe is watching us closely

Text, Photo by Others added on 2013 Nov 12
Subjects: extraterrestrial, universe, cosmic, cosmology
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"One In Five Milky Way Stars Host Potentially Life-Friendly Earth Like Planets"

Actually, it's obvious to any reasoning person:

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Subjects: earth, extraterrestrial, Life, universe
She is not smiling
Best of Spirits

Sometimes you can't tell 'em apart

Verse, Audio, MP3 added on 1997 May 13
Subjects: variety, differences, universe, fate, coin
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