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"...cut off a clitoris (as 90% of Egyptian women have suffered)."

Someone said 10% of Egyptians are Coptic Christians.

I assume there's little overlap in those numbers.

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The mindful Mrs brought this to my attention, Pam Geller (yes) on American Thinker yester:

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No dhimmi. Nobama.

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He explained that while Americans may "have the freedom" to speak their mind, ultimately, they "have no right to [talk about Muslim] holy issues" as it will incite "hatred or war among people."

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They must be convinced to cover them in sand. Preserved for a generation that cares.

Wait... Sharia in Oklahoma... what?

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B&M O'muppet, looking outstandingly plastic and uncomfortable, wish you a Hollow Christmas, contrasted with the Mufti in Chief's Ramadan message.

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A few more links recalling the events, and the consequences, of September 11, 2001.

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Also, seen this?

Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases

The study’s findings suggest that Shariah law has entered into state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy. Some commentators have said there are no more than one or two cases of Shariah law in U.S. state court cases; yet we found 50 significant cases just from the small sample of appellate published cases.

Others have asserted with certainty that state court judges will always reject any foreign law, including Shariah law, when it conflicts with the Constitution or state public policy; yet we found 15 Trial Court cases, and 12 Appellate Court cases, where Shariah was found to be applicable in these particular cases.

[h/t Cuz BD for the link]

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Fighting in the Way of Allah — Against the USA

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The word 'Islamophobia' is cultural terrorism in action

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What ABC news didn't say spoke volumes.

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