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FenelonSpoke: O.K. I think it's rather silly to talk about was in the Vatican-Walls that have been there for hundreds of years...."

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Subjects: hypocrisy, Islam, organized religion

Well, hello, Chicks! I just found my way here c/o commenter eweturn on Conservative Treehouse. I think I might like the place.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, hypocrisy

Yep; cuts both ways. Fuckin' hypocrites.
Posted by: CrotchetyOldJarhead

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Subjects: hypocrisy, Progressives Playbook

Speaking of keeping it classy, the late Sonny Bono's loving, tasteful, prejudice-free ex-spouse

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Subjects: Progressives Playbook, celebrity, hypocrisy
Strictly for the record, another amusing pink flip-flop reference (cartoon), h/t to
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Subjects: Barack Obama, flip-flops, homosexuality, hypocrisy