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Remy's TSA Contest Entry

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Aug 9
Subjects: parody, TSA

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God."
Mark, quoted back always by blaster

Fun Fack

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Apr 16
Subjects: Jesus, success and achievement, TSA

Vic's got nothin? Whattabout you, Drudge?

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Apr 11
Subjects: Benghazi, China, Christianity, immigration, news, TSA

"They are now saying there were 4 suspect individuals on that plane that disappeared yesterday en route to Peking...."

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Mar 9
Subjects: Malaysia Flight 370, TSA

Others could require that everybody fly naked and handcuffed to the seats. - Obnoxious A-hole

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Nov 20
Subjects: security, TSA
TSA gropes little boy
Radical Incline

A militia doesn't ask, "Who?" when the cry goes up that "The regulars are coming!"

Text, Illustration, Remix added on 2013 Nov 17
Subjects: Second Amendment, TSA, Impeach Obama
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China To Phase Out Labor Camps And It's One Child Policy
(Just as Obama plans to phase labor camps in and...)

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Nov 16
Subjects: China, Homeland Security, TSA

The lone gunman at LAX doesn't fit the expressed tactics of the various right wing crazies I've thus far read. -Bigby's Boxing Gloves

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Nov 2
Subjects: conspiracy, tinfoil hat, TSA, violence

Oh, and in closing, just FYI, Congress is dissolved, and the armed forces will be dissolved just as fast as I can transfer all their stuff to the TSA.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Apr 30
Subjects: dark humor, Impeach Obama, TSA, tyranny

Having many things better to do this scorching Saturday morning, instead I have been reading the overnight.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jul 16
Subjects: transport, TSA, human right, proper province of government, coffee

It's being permitted, even encouraged, passively, and actively. From the top.

The more I've thought about this, the more I'm disgusted with the WEENIES of the Texas senate

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 May 26
Subjects: transport, Texas, TSA, Big Nanny, tyranny
TSA gropes boy
Radical Incline

Safe Holiday Flying, America! Is a veritable cult of crotch-gropers and child-molesters is operating by federal mandate in America's airports?

Text added on 2010 Nov 23
Subjects: airline, airplane, airport, Islam, security, terrorism, TSA
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