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So, what's the over/under that there will be armed conflict in the Middle East this year?

/snrkd so hard I hurt myself

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joncelli: This is about the time in every presidential administration when they think they can cement their legacy by bring Peace in the Middle East (TM).

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Turkey's presidential spokesman said on Monday the Middle East would be thrown into turmoil if Egypt carried out its death sentences on former president Mohamed Mursi and other senior Islamists.

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Upper-left Drudge headline.
"Many in Middle East struggling to understand Obama policy"

heh. too easy.

What part of 'f everything up' is a struggle to understand?

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Netanyahu repeatedly praised O'Bama, in ways that seem, well, at least politically clever at painting O'Bama into his corner

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Mubarak and Obama effigies burning
Radical Incline

I don't know if this fellow gives Obama too much credit for consciously doing what he's done.

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