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Got up, read Vic's news at the end of the Overnight Thread That Wasn't, skipped to the Art Thread, and...

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liberals think they can improve on His work.
The above quote from the Coulter column explains exactly why Hollywood Biblical epics suck.
Posted by: WalrusRex

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Slappy, pathetic old farts waxing enthusiastic about pot =/= patriots opposing the tyranny of prohib. Some Venn overlap, but diff groups.

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@Mirage, sorry, I developed an allergy to Coulter some time back. Looks like you're developing the same condition.

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Local morning radio guys were saying, meeting Ann in person, she looks even skinnier. You want to just say, let me fix you a sandwich!

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Couldn't watch the whole thing. Ugh.

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Radical Incline

Sure we believe in liberty except when we don't, says Ann Coulter.

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Reading of Arnold's affair only further verified my already-bottomed-out opinion of der Gubernator

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