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update: white stuff continues falling. cats are freaked.

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The President Learns Gun Control
Radical Incline

Tricks for learning to hit what you aim at

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"trash can, bailing wire, firewood, a drill and a hammer!"

No duct tape required?

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Subjects: self-defense

As a lib, he prefers his kids to go to a happy place as opposed to fighting back.
--Up with people! at September 29, 2012 05:58 PM

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Subjects: Progressives Playbook, rage, self-defense

Okay, class. Summer school is in session. It's going to be explosive! You could even say, it'll be a riot! So, social studies students, here's the first lesson: Why was George Zimmerman not beaten worse, possibly to death?

A. Police came quickly.
B. Neighbors ran to his aid.
C. Trayvon was just a precious, innocent little kid with no martial-arts training, no racist gangsta attitude, and no drugs in his system.
D. You know damn well why.
E. The mobs won't care.

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Subjects: self-defense, racism, violence, gangs

“So far, no arrests have been made.” I ‘spect this Dad, catching the sicko in the act, has got total “heat of the moment” justification going for him. He faces a grand jury. He should get a medal.

What that little girl will have to bear cannot be assuaged by knowing that Daddy himself delivered immediate and ultimate justice, but in coming years, may that knowledge bring some comfort to her.

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Subjects: justice, defense, family, violence

"Should have backed off"? In a neighborhood plagued by recent break-ins, a long-time dedicated and duly appointed watchman thought he saw a skulker. When he went a little ways and didn't see the skulker anymore, he returned to his car. So he "backed off" there, right?

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Subjects: self-defense
Radical Incline

Here’s a Youtube playlist of self-defense stories.

If you aren’t armed yet, watch and listen carefully.

Sources: TheArmedCitizen
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Subjects: self-defense, social contract
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charge forward
Best of Spirits

Wait for the enemy to come to you or take the fight to the enemy?

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I see I'm not the first to point out that the C.....oexist bumper sticker you're looking for already exists...

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Can't say for sure whether things have really changed that much in the last 50 years, but it sure seems like Peace Officers have become Crime Warriors.

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Subjects: modern police tactics, self-defense, power, responsibility, video

"Every church in North America should have armed men on the door during all major services."

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OK Guard Seal
Radical Incline
About 3,400 Oklahoma National Guardsmen are about to leave for training and a deployment to Afghanistan. A huge salute, of course! I always wonder, though, isn't there a better way than to keep throwing ourselves into this?
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