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Doodles Weaver hams it up
The Art of

Professor Feitlebaum need are you now that we where you? Doodlebug made people laugh. A small tribute to the comedian and character actor.

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old book cover image
Radical Incline

They stood for "protection," and swore by it...

Text by Others added on 2013 Feb 20
Subjects: Mark Twain, economics
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DEA Gorilla
Radical Incline

We ALREADY live in a police state

Text by Others added on 2012 Apr 18
Subjects: modern police tactics, police, civilization
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The Art of

He changed the music forever.

Text by Others, Video by Others added on 2012 Mar 29
Subjects: music, bluegrass, banjo, Earl Scruggs
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Transport Future

This is why we have voice-controlled automobiles today!

Philip (artist's rendering)

A mighty man in the kingdom, winning souls wherever he went.

Text by Others added on 2011 Sep 12
Subjects: Apostle Philip, history, archeology
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Evil bot
Radical Incline

They're smart. They're autonomous. They're armed!

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charge forward
Best of Spirits

Wait for the enemy to come to you or take the fight to the enemy?

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