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The entire universe could be a "vast and complex hologram..."

All creation exists at the moire-patterned intersection of patterns, material, mental, spiritual, and personal.

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Subjects: Creation
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #9
The Art of

Four new recordings of original songs, of lost love, hard times, faith, insecurity, and spiritual regeneration. Plus a touch of humor.

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Re: Re-writing Reality...

If you could be Lord over the nation, you'd think of lots of ways to change everything, because you're smarter than anybody.

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Subjects: Creation, Ego, God

I've become convinced of Intelligent Design!
I'm sure that it's a fact and not a rumor.
Nose-hair is the proof, Inarguable Sign:
Intelligent, with Moron sense of humor.

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Subjects: Creation, poetry

Checking back in.
Hope it's all right
To come back in, only
To tell you good night.

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Subjects: Creation, faith, poetry

How we got like this
#1 in a series on our intelligent design

Scene: Earth-life designer studios, six billion years ago:

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Subjects: Creation, life carriers

"…Eric Metaxas, writing in the Wall Street Journal, of all places… talks about whether recent discoveries have made the world look more created/designed, or more eternal/undesigned."

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Subjects: Life, cosmology, Creation

FenelonSpoke: Psalm 8:3 "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place."

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Subjects: Creation, faith

"If the Universe really looks like that, shit, what a fucking mess." Ricardo Kill

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Subjects: Creation, universe

My Theological tl;dr tl;tl Contribution for today.

A seemingly deterministic material universe develops life.

Life grows a brain, walks around in organized animal units.

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Subjects: Creation, forgiveness
Centers of Power
It's all under control
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Dec 17
Subjects: Creation, time-space, power

"The spirits demand too many cows, buffaloes, and trinkets." -- Economic salvation wins again.

Min. golf: Seriously, I want to build the most outrageous miniature golf course in the world, doing everything they say we can't. (Except for the handicapped-friendly holes, of course -- I'm not agin' handicapped access, just ol' Big Nanny.)

Miss November: Image and video search provide us with more than adequate proof of these "extraordinary abilities." Praise the web!

Nellie proof: Okay, that's weird, even for Creationists. I wonder, is her existence or lack thereof the proof? I'll go read the article. Naw, y'know what, I don't wonder that much.

1 Nessie 3:17 And behold, verily, the Creators dood tooketh the snake what had beeneth in the Garden, blowedth him up real big, gave him swim fins, and plonked him in Scotland as punishment.

No, I'm NOT going to look at the 5 inch-worm link, either!

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Subjects: monsters, Big Nanny, Creation
Startled scientist
Best of Spirits

For intelligent debate on intelligent design.

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Subjects: faith, evolution, science, Creation
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Short & Tall Tales

A facetious genesis. A two-panel Daily Doodle comic.

Cartoon added on 2002 Oct 4
Subjects: Genesis 1, origins, Creation, humor
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UB comix #10

Enlightened theological discussion.

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UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures
UB Comix #1, pages 4-5
The lower-res version. Other: High-res and Poster

UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures.

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Best of Spirits

Some theories of How It All Began are material, some mystical, and some begin with Love.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: Genesis 1, origins, Creation, Deity
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