Extremely Inhabited Universe

They're not Out There. We are.

"One In Five Milky Way Stars Host Potentially Life-Friendly Earth Like Planets"
Yahoo News headline [cached], h/t to BenK on Ace of Spades

What study really said, Irene Klotz reporting for Reuters:
"One out of every five sun-like stars in the Milky Way galaxy has a planet about the size of Earth that is properly positioned for water, a key ingredient for life...."

Actually, it's obvious to any reasoning person:

The Extremely Inhabited Universe is watching us closely, helping us, as much as the rules allow (respect of individual relative free will, independent planetary cultural development & all that), and will contact us when we are decided.

As a world.

So, it may be a while yet.

Kepler Candidates
More than 3,500 potential inhabitable worlds known in our galaxy