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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #6
The Art of

Six songs of betrayal, lost love, sogginess, and silliness, for your entertainment and enlightenment.

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Jinx the Cat: Missouri... the curious collection of billboards advertising sex shops, gambling and Winston Churchill...

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Subjects: sex, sin

I feel a to;dr coming on... and it's not time for a new thread yet... is it?

1st, define sin.

Evil = error, anything

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Subjects: evil, homosexuality, idealism, iniquity, righteousness, sin

1. Evil: you err but don't realize it.
2. Sin: you realize it but do it anyway.
3. Iniquity: you've done it on purpose so long you can't quit. Psychic disruption is the finale.

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Subjects: evil, iniquity, sin
Radical Incline

Defining evil, sin, and iniquity for the sake of discussion.

Text added on 2007 May 13
Subjects: evil, sin, iniquity, God, marijuana, liberty, religious liberty
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His act of betrayal was unforgivable. Or was it?

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