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OSP sock fail: Heh. Sandy Fluke no longer shamelessly hawking her what?

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Subjects: beer
Short & Tall Tales
Video, Video by Others added on 2013 Apr 7
Subjects: Batman, beer, dark humor, food, Three Stooges
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Okay, this is it! I'm laying it down.

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Subjects: beer, coffee, Impeach Obama

Okay, waiting for... well, never mind... I DID read the whole now-306 messages.

It's worse than you think. I'm in Oklahoma. Can't get beer 'til Monday.

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Subjects: beer, Captain America, Jenna Marbles, Oklahoma

That guy in between them could be waiting for them to take a gulp and do a spit-spew.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Guiness Beer
Head Shop #5

I knew you'd appreciate it, maaan!

Cartoon added on 1997 Aug 11
Subjects: home-brew, beer, absurdity, farce
Dancing monk
Head Shop #4

The way of the six-pack.

Cartoon added on 1997 Jul 11
Subjects: yoga, karma yoga, ice cube, duty, spiritual work, beer