I'm in Oklahoma. Can't Get Beer 'Til Monday

Okay, waiting for... well, never mind... I DID read the whole now-306 messages.

It's worse than you think. I'm in Oklahoma. Can't get beer 'til Monday.

Jenna Marbles is my new favorite funny vlogger.

Captain America was great for this old Marvel No-Prize winner. We stayed 'til after the creds 'cause the hefty nerdboy who sat behind us warned us as we got up to leave, thankew veddy mooch! As I told him, I remember when they brought Cap back in Avengers #4! And, gaww, I thought they did a good sad at the end. The vaporizing was horrific. War is hell enough, but not even dog tags to bring home! Gawdawful.

Okay, nice to be in early enough to get some response for a change. NOW I'm heading for.. zzzzzzz

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