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Howdy, folks. Thanks, MH - howz come you don't do this good a job on the morning dump? (hahahahaha just ribbing you - don' taze me, bro!)

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Barnhardt commented in the ONT!?!

I don't like my blogs overlapping. I want my peas not to touch my potatoes. (Obscure reference from Toys.)

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I tilt at windmills. (No Daylight Savings Time!) So, I concur with MrScribbler (#21) on the priority of prosecuting the criminals. Also, Vic (#36) on holding the primaries.

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Mentioned by Ann Barnhardt:

Nurse said, He said he was from Liberia, not Africa!


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Thanks for the Barnheardt Link. I haven't read her in a while, don't know why - really like her work. This was classic!

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I went to Ann Barnhardt's site yesterday, for the first time in a while. Doom all the way down. To think I was actually becoming enthusiastic at the prospect of eight years of Romney-Ryan!

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As print dies and the Net is all there is, They will try to limit, edit, and control what the Net allows.

We don't need to get jumpy and impose rules which twist the law to ban what we dislike today but which will be used to ban what we like tomorrow when the Other Party is in power.

It's being permitted, even encouraged, passively, and actively. From the top.