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" Don't you think it's callous to dismiss something that someone put so much effort into?"

My mama allus said, value is as value does.

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Subjects: effort, online communication

I quit using noses long time ago. Does this mean I'm not really 60? :/

But I remember when people still tried to
. .

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Subjects: online communication

Checking back in the next day, I believe I can spot the exact moment the thread went completely off the rails and into Eastwood Canyon with a firey crash:

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Subjects: online communication

Wow, I am so impressed. First Stuck comes up with that wild tale about his workplace, and then he starts socking this Hummingbird character, and now he's pretending like Wolverine is real.

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Subjects: online communication

Wow. I see what folks mean about dirty socks.

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Subjects: online communication

My earliest online masks and computer encounters

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