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Uhhhh.... my first encounter with LameCherry. I think I actually sort-of-mostly read the whole thing. Really, I think my brain started going zzzz after the phrase "I have eluded to." [sic]

I like the theory, though, if I gathered it correctly, that it was supposed to be a hostage rescue and backfired. If there was some evidence to back up this theory, I failed to parse it out in LameCherry's writing, but, as the Mrs says, isn't it tragic that such a theory is immediately believable.

O/T, but, Mr DuJan, maybe you can speak to this: There is famously no love lost between the Clintons and Obama. Yet both seem to be on the same side regarding the Islamists, viz. Hillary's Pal Huma Abedin. Maybe you've addressed this before, but I have a little trouble without a scorecard.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, conspiracy, Hillary Clinton

Channeling one's inner Alex Jones.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, US President, conspiracy

Refudiating craziness about the Tea Party, Ron Brown, and TWA 800.

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Subjects: Tea Party, Ron Brown, TWA 800, conspiracy

Cosmic rays cause the heating and cooling of the earth.

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Subjects: climate, cosmic rays, science, conspiracy, CERN

Is Obama’s grandfather's good friend, and Barry's Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, the father of the President? Hmmmm.

Which brings up a more sinister potential threat, namely, those who are aware of that martyr value and would desire it.

Captured No. 3 leader of the Los Zetas drug cartel said “all the weapons” the Zetas use were “bought in the United States”

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Subjects: Barack Obama, violence, conspiracy, Mexico, Fast and Furious

Madman Obama has served his purpose, but is becoming every day more of a liability.

More than Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? the question is, Who Can Destroy the Destroyers?

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Subjects: FBI, conspiracy, Oklahoma City Bombing, modern police tactics

The enemies of America, including the Manchurian infiltrators, have declared war upon every aspect of American law and culture.

"Do you have any further info on the FBI response to Jesse Trentadue?"

Zapruder film frame
Radical Incline

We spend 50 years trying to understand, noting every historical coincidence, reading every conspiracy theory, examining every bullet like we'd been appointed to the Warren Commission…

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