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"The amount of money we get from George Soros has been GREATLY over exaggerated."

Not just exaggerated.
Not just over exaggerated.


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I'm caught up to 8:24 anyway.

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You know Frankie and Harry and Lyndon and Dickie,
Georgie and Jackie and Jimmie and Willie,
But can you forget
The bigizest bullshitter yet?

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Greetings from Cold Drizzle, Oklahoma, heartland of America. Democracy is a harsh mistress.

"large groups of people can suddenly behave strangely, like a quantum rogue wave"

And then there are those who create those waves.

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Regarding curious political comparisons

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Which brings up a more sinister potential threat, namely, those who are aware of that martyr value and would desire it.

Madman Obama has served his purpose, but is becoming every day more of a liability.