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Biden's Buddy
Radical Incline

This gang is after more than your lucky dime. They want total power.

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Thanks, grammiewinger. I dislike the low end of the learning curve, which is where I am with this new toy.


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Hrothgar > "For reasons of public decency, women convicted of high treason were instead burned at the stake."

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Subjects: treason, women

Imagine if you will, a jury trial.

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"The penalties have to be baked in (IE, refusal to abide by this Constitution is an act of Treason, etc. etc.)"
—GGE of the Moron Horde, NC Chapter

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Subjects: Jane Fonda, treason

"...praising actress Jane Fonda for 'being outspoken on behalf' of her convictions..."

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Subjects: Jane Fonda, treason

The enemies of America, including the Manchurian infiltrators, have declared war upon every aspect of American law and culture.