Enemies have declared war upon every aspect of American law and culture

"No one says it better than Ann Barnhardt." Yeah, I wish she'd quit holding back and let loose with how she really feels & thinks! ;)

"Do you think this all boils down to the Obama administration wanting to attack our 2nd amendment rights?"

Well, sure, but that's just one facet. Others have suggested, as another motive, the arming of terrorists (Mexican and Islamic), connecting the narco gangs and the Chicago gangs. Also, the further disruption of our unsecured borders.

Helen Lovejoy of the SimpsonsHowever, the bigger picture is, the enemies of America, including the Manchurian infiltrators, have declared war upon the Constitution, the economy and capitalism, our borders, the military, our allies, the family, and faith, the middle class, on every aspect of American law and culture, starting (decades ago) with education (Think of the children! Think of the children!) so that the dumbed-down and infantilized electorate would not object to this subversion. The average, public-school-educated American cannot imagine what's happened. The average LaughingStock Media-misinformed American cannot believe we have a communist in the oval office, that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy (h/t to Hillary for the Alinskish reveal!) to undermine the nation. The average American is like the Declaration said, more inclined to suffer while evils are sufferable, and is unaware of how insufferable the evils have become.

The average citizen thinks that people who believe these things I have written in the previous paragraph are tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy-thumping loons, yet if I had time and patience to do so, I could link every one of those charges to prominent news stories, as could many of the minority of citizens who follow the new Vox Populi media like HillBuzz. With the pacified populace, the Democrat Party being totally overtaken, and the spineless RINO majority, it's hard to imagine there will be any justice done, any of the traitors sent to prison or to the gallows electric chair needle, any of the trendencies toward America's destruction reversed.

There is one slim hope. 2012. Sarah Palin (I would say "or her ilk," but I've seen none to compare), along with a powerful administration (West for Sec of Defense or State?), and both houses of Congress filled with ardent Constitutionalists, along with an informed, educated, actively interested electorate who demand that those representatives repair the damage and reverse our course over the cliff. Slim, slim hope! The alternative, though? Make sure you have plenty of dry and canned foods, the well is secured, and your ammunition is stocked up, because it'll be a long revolution.