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Obama Cries
Radical Incline

Posters counting down the last week of the Obamanation.

Illustration added on 2017 Jan 18
Subjects: US Presidential succession
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I respect Sowell a great deal. I'm sad to see him on the "why bother?" bandwagon.

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Subjects: democracy, tyranny, US Presidential succession

...We've got a President with no heart and a VP with no brain at the least....

At least we haven't a cowardly kitteh as 3rd in line...

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Subjects: US Presidential succession

I think it's Gabe ? who's griped re the "first" thing, but I think it's funny when semi-serious adult morons play that kids' meme here on AoS. Regulars laugh about it.

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Subjects: US Presidential succession

"Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterf*ck of a malignant traitor." n AllenG (Dedicated Tenther)

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Subjects: US Presidential succession

Which brings up a more sinister potential threat, namely, those who are aware of that martyr value and would desire it.

Madman Obama has served his purpose, but is becoming every day more of a liability.

"Kissinger was born in Germany and he was SOS under Nixon." Oh, yeah. How succinct your example where I used so many words! :)

So many interesting questions arise with this administration that never before needed consideration.

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