Aware of that martyr value

On the matter of moderating, I concur with #68 Adjoran: I didn't take the comment as a threat [snip] But, it's Ace's place, and you can't argue with the host about the scent of the Glade Plug-In he uses and similarly concur with #86 Janir: You [Ace] let a lot of stuff go that most other forums clamp down on, and I think that adds to the attraction of this blog and we regulars appreciate it, even if it means extra work on your part. (Also requoted by #271 NC Ref.) I learned 'way back in the pre-Internet days on CompuServe, don't cross the site owner (and back then, you could hardly be anonymous -- they had your credit card number). As the saying (secretly) goes, the customer isn't always right, we just like to give them that illusion. Ace is the place with the helpful hardass blog!

On the more serious matter, it is true as was said by #80 Dustin (who swears he had paragraph breaks): [Assassination is] a stupid plan [snip] you martyr your ideological opponent. [snip] we'd spend the next 100 years with people trying to emulate him and evoke him fondly. As was illustrated by #274 Whitehall: [snip] if Oswald gave us "Camelot" as the icon of the Kennedy Administration, what would the untimely passing of Obama give us? (Camelot myth: 48 years and counting. As with others, I'd like to see a long-lived BO... preferably rotting behind bars.) Not that this understanding would hinder some actual lunatic -- like the guy who did in Dr Tiller but did not represent 99.99999...% of the pro-lifers.

Which brings up a more sinister potential threat, namely, those who are aware of that martyr value and would desire it. (I speak of this with a touch of trepidation because I'm a relatively new commenter here, really like the place, and don't want to sully it, much less trip over a rule bump. I also point out that my mask is less clever than Clark Kent's glasses.) It was asked (indirectly) by #169 The Outlaw in the Heavenly Hall: [snip] anyway [snip] why would the left want to assasinate one of its own? There is a sad, scary, but Machiavellian answer to that, on which I commented at another site earlier this month. (Re-phrasing myself because quoting myself is too weird.) If the losing-his-halo, losing-his-cool puppet O'Bama has served his purpose and is becoming a liability, TPTB may decide to just let him get impeached, or convince him to resign, or, as vicious as TPTB seem to be, I wouldn't put it past "them" to grassy-knoll him (YKWIM) and pin it on the raaacist guns-and-religion clingers. After replacing Joe "insurance" Biden, of course. Or is my tinfoil hat too tight?

On the lighter side, my favorite comment: #319 Kensington: Posted by: Voluble at July 15, 2011 04:19 PM (JKX4x)

Yeah, like this one. :)