Reflection on MAO's vacation

Removing the articles as a courtesy, a nice holdover from more press-controlled times, at best, but when a search shows hundreds of thousands of repeats of the articles and the Utah Data Center isn't fully deployed yet, it's rather hard to spike it.

Press or no press: The Obamas' parental judgment, apparently as poor as their wisdom in all other fields (save self-aggrandizement)! Their disdain for leading by example in full evidence (in thumbing their noses at the State Dept warnings)! Their disinterest in the welfare of their dutiful guardians (putting in danger the Secret Service agents, who would be taking a bullet for little MAO), much less the cost to taxpayers!

One's inner Alex Jones suspects MAO has been set up as a sacrifice for a number of fast and furious causes. Callous as all hell, such thinking, but the Narcissist's ethics, morality, very humanity, have been so demonstrably, perpetually absent, one could imagine that scenario.

About the timing of the earthquake, now, that may require one's inner Art Bell.