Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Well, ozzieaussie does not believe in any FBI cover-up. That's convincing! Okay, friend down under, please forgive the sarcasm, but you hardly offer anything substantial.

When I was a boy, back around the middle of the last century, the FBI were heroes and J Edgar Hoover was The Man. That weird cross-dressing paranoid! Would that they were the sterling examples that I once admired!

I don't believe Bush "engineered" 9/11, nor that FDR "wanted" Pearl Harbor to happen, and I doubt the FBI/BATF intended to let OKC happen. But that they helped set it up and screwed up and covered up? All too easy to believe, and too much testimony to support it. They're deeply dangerous now, involved in one scandal after another, and as ready to cover their rears as the rest of the captains of American corruption. You hardly have to look past the first page of search engine results to find their sad, shady history, and in hard news stories, not just the kook sites. What seems to have happened, as in so many law-enforcement agencies (and other organizations), is that good people they had got discouraged and quit, if not forced out, leaving the creeps. Just look at their involvement in this murderous gun-running scandal!

The real question is not whether these agencies are corrupt, but how in heaven we're ever going to stop them. More than Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? the question is, Who Can Destroy the Destroyers?