FBI can't find OKC vids

"Do you have any further info on the FBI response to Jesse Trentadue?"

Just the IntelHub link I posted before, the longer Associated Press article IntelHub quoted, and this further report by McCarty at Big Government.

Basically, the FBI says, "What, there were videotapes? No there weren't. Anyway, they were mis-filed, we don't know where, and it would do no good to keep looking." Very convincing, and pretty much what Trentadue predicted to McCarty.

There is plenty out there, though. For instance, Hussain Al-Hussaini, arrested just last March in Quincy, Mass., same name, same face, same Iraqi Army tattoo as "John Doe #2" (Canada Free Press, Patriot Ledger), identified by multiple witnesses as being in McVeigh's company, also sometimes identified by convicted co-conspirator Terry Nichols. Ah, but after the initial search for him, and the remarkably immediate arrest of McVeigh, Doe#2 was quickly swept under the rug. The FBI says Al-Hussaini was "thoroughly investigated" and there's nothing to see here, move along, move along. Never mind the reports that "the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Service advised that the Oklahoma City bombing was sponsored by the Iraqi Special Services who contracted seven former Afghani Freedom Fighters out of Pakistan.”

Besides Trentadue, the main investigator who won't let this go is Jayna Davis, whose website is full of information about the "3rd terrorist." There is also plenty of YouTube video about the bombing, including the initial news reports about the initial search for John Doe #2, of secondary bombs inside the building, and the alleged FBI cover-up. Some of it flakey, of course, but much of it solid.

A hard look at what happened in Oklahoma City 1995 April 19 is enough to make one start wearing a tinfoil hat! Especially if you read sites like WhatReallyHappened.com

Seriously, there's always been much more than meets the popular press.

Above all, always remember those who paid the price. the dead, the wounded, and even the rescuers, as well as its place in the convoluted history of serious anti-terrorism and its evil counterpart, increased Big Brotherism.

Oklahoma City Bombing Federal Surveillance Tapes Coverup, TV news report with Jayna Davis from 1998:

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