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Sorry for partial double post. Fringe reception out here. (Glances nervously at barrel)

"Fathers in the UK are now being treated for PTSD after watching their wives give birth..."

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Subjects: women

"...cut off a clitoris (as 90% of Egyptian women have suffered)."

Someone said 10% of Egyptians are Coptic Christians.

I assume there's little overlap in those numbers.

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Subjects: Egypt, Islam, women
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Stretching across years.
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 4
Subjects: hands, generations, women

May I suggest a video that I don't think you've posted? The Steven Crowder parody of My First Time was great, but as a guy, he couldn't do this....

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Subjects: Election 2012, sex, women

A somewhat related follow up to those who kept abreast [ahem] of a previous ONT

Let the debate continue...

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Subjects: women

I was closing down tabs and wondered if anybody needed this link to The Other McCain: What I Needed Today …

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Subjects: women

Unthinkable! GOP lies! All women are in lockstep with the Demoncrats! [Does Obi Wan Kanobi hand-wave] There are no strong, outspoken conservative women.

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Subjects: politics, family, women, women's liberation

The guys in bikini tops, now that's disturbing.

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Subjects: nudity, attire, morality, toplessness, women, mores, taboos, naked boobies
Holy family
It was a little different than the average Christmas lawn display
Text added on 2011 Aug 22
Subjects: Urantia, Jesus, birthday, Christmas, women
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Linking from Ace of Spades to some Mindful Webworks

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Subjects: Barack Obama, parody, women

There's only one secret, real motive driving those cruel Republicans in their budget battle

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Subjects: Progressives Playbook, Harry Reid, abortion, women

"The moment I knew Sarah Palin has the majesty of soul to be a great leader…"

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Subjects: Sarah Palin, Geraldine Ferraro, women
Head Shop #6

A prime medical marijuana justification.

Cartoon added on 1997 Sep 10
Subjects: marijuana, smoking, menstruation, sexes, absurdity, farce, silliness
Hub and Hun
Radical Incline

Dueling monologues between the male chauvanist pig and the women's libber.

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