Never worked a day in their lives

Unthinkable! GOP lies! All women are in lockstep with the Demoncrats! [Does Obi Wan Kanobi hand-wave] There are no strong, outspoken conservative women. Not on PoliNation. Nor Sister Toldja. Nor HillBuzz. Nor on that beer-swilling girl-ogling bastion of male domination Ace of Spades (HA! do not cross the Moronettes). Nor Granny Jan. Nor Sarah Palin. The mighty Zilla. (I'm sure I failed to mention a few I know about, must be so many I don't.)

Also... Not among the neighboring rancher families. The women at the doctor's office. At the gas pump. ... My cousin's home-schooling wife and all their friends. ...

And none of these women ever worked a day in their lives, either!