As print dies and the Net is all there is.

Wot a coinkydink! Mere minutes before I got to this post, Mrs Webworker and I just discovered this Andrew Klavan episode from April '10. I pass it along for y'all's edjimification. All the news that phits.

Donning my tinfoil hat of paranoia, let me add a word of caution. Once upon a time, tyrants tried to smash the presses that opposed them. As print dies and the Net is all there is, They will try to limit, edit, and control what the Net allows, and they can smash our digital presses swiftly, and remotely, via software. Should those dark days come when the Powers That Will Be systematically remove HillBuzz, Andrew Klavan, Ann Barnhardt, and MindfulWebworks (heh; couldn't resist) from free availability, we will have to resort to passing along DVDs, networking info and vids from cellphone to cellphone, and other forms of smuggling truth. Don't wait for the day when it all disappears from the Intertubes. Everyone who can afford it, start downloading and storing everything you can to DVD-R.

Naaaw. I'm just kidding, of course. That kind of control only exists under tyrannies like Iran and China. It can't happen here!

Frank Zappa - It Can´t Happen Here 1966
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Frank Zappa - It Can't Happen Here