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About government getting all up in your bong:

When Prohib was initiated, drinking went up. After Repeal, drinking went up.

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Subjects: prohibition, proper province of government, repeal

Rather than cut-paste re-inflict y'all with yesterday's rant about DST, which itself links to previous rants:

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Subjects: Daylight Saving Time, repeal

My wonderful brilliant sen mccain has come up with a fantastic idea!!!! he wants to repeal obamacare! he's sooooooooooo smart! why didn't anyone else think of this? -phoenixgirl

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Subjects: John McCain, Obamacare, repeal

In the last four years, at least 42,000 killed! That's about one out of every five people in my county being murdered each year!

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Subjects: Mexico, drugs, prohibition, repeal, US Constitution, law, legalization, human right
Radical Incline
It's not drugs but PROHIBITION which provides the fuel for the modern equivalent of rum-runner profits and Al Capones.
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Hemp farmer
Head Shop

These farmers ain't no fools.

Verse added on 2007 May 16
Subjects: marijuana, prohibition, repeal
Head Shop

More personal arguments for repeal! repeal! REPEAL!

Verse added on 2007 May 16
Subjects: marijuana, liberty, prohibition, healing, repeal
Bad Quaker
Radical Incline

Countering common erroneous arguments for prohibitionism; the Golden Rule as the foundation for good law.

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The Art of

This is not an egg in a frying pan

Cartoon added on 1997 Jun 8
Subjects: prohibition, modern police tactics, family, repeal
This is your country/This is your country on Prohibition
This is not an egg in a frying pan
Cowpoke with Ale
Radical Incline

The so-called war on drugs is utterly unwinnable and in its very conception perverts the purposes of good government.

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