Cash Crop

These farmers ain't no fools.


Farmer Jones and Farmer Smith / Like to perpetuate the myth

                                   Bb7            G7
They're out there growin' strictly legal on their land

But if you only knew the truth / They're simply catering to youth

                                Bb7             G7
You see they're businessmen and there's a big demand (for)

    C                              C7
Marijuana (Got to hide it from the cops)

    G                                 G7
Marijuana (Let's hope neither of them stops)

    C                               C7
Marijuana (Growin' green 'n' golden tops)

  Have another puff / If you had enuff

  Whydoncha pass that j to me


Farmer Jones's day is done / Smith stops to watch the setting sun

                           Bb7              G7
They like to have a little fun like you and me

The reason they're not raisin' pork / Is 'cause the folks up in New York

                               Bb7             G7
Might pay as much as two point five for one oh-zee (of)

    C                                 C7
Marijuana (They're just in it for the profit)

    G                                 G7
Marijuana ('Though the cops'd like to off it)

    C                                 C7
Marijuana (Say, how long you had that cough?

  It smells like harsh ol' 'lumbo in this J

  Why don't you buy from the U S of A?)

[Opening strains of the national anthem in G]
(Adjust the line about the cash price according to current markets.)

Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #2