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Mark Knoller @markknoller
If the Bureau of Public Debt won Powerball, it would reduce the National Debt from $18,897,682,225,587.89 to $18,896,182,225,587.89.

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Subjects: chance, debt

So, in a comment, we get a maximum of three wishes before it goes into moderation. Oh, I mean links.

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Subjects: economics, debt, music, US military

»»Sure sign that government has grown too big when they can't account for $6B worth of contracts.

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Subjects: debt, Everett Dirksen

I went to Ann Barnhardt's site yesterday, for the first time in a while. Doom all the way down. To think I was actually becoming enthusiastic at the prospect of eight years of Romney-Ryan!

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Subjects: Ann Barnhardt, debt, economy

John "Wormtongue" McCain parrots an absurd editorial.

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Subjects: John McCain, Hobbits, debt, US Congress