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FenelonSpoke: Anyway it feels bad. Sorry to blather on.

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Subjects: children, Narcissism

Howdy, folks. Thanks, MH - howz come you don't do this good a job on the morning dump? (hahahahaha just ribbing you - don' taze me, bro!)

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Subjects: Ann Barnhardt, Narcissism

Vic: "Ben Carson calls Obama a psychopath. He is a lot of things but I don't think he is that."

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, Narcissism

Mike Hammer: "Effect relationship simply can't be processed by their neural systems."

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Subjects: Ego, God, Narcissism
HBD Dear Leader
Radical Incline

May you get everything you have earned. Here's a suggestion.

Video, Remix added on 2014 Aug 5
Subjects: Impeach Obama, birthday, Narcissism
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"Mr. Obama was angry at the revelations, privately excoriating Mr. Snowden as a self-important narcissist who had not thought through the consequences of his actions." -Empire of Jeff

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, Narcissism

(to the tune of Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Pop)

MommyDaddy look at me
MommyDaddy oooooo
MommyDaddy look at all
Naughty things I doooo

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Subjects: Narcissism, self

Good morning. I slept late and started by leisurely setting up the coffee. Glad y'all didn't wait for me.

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Subjects: Chicago, coffee, Impeach Obama, Narcissism

Thanks for this post. Not to minimize the dangers the author mentions, which do seem real threats, but I see some ameliorating factors. …

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Subjects: Election 2012, Narcissism, cultism