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BoB: That tweet came from a parody account.

Okay, then. Good. I said it looked dubious, but…!

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Grunt: "…quite the eclectic tour list."

Funny thing is, we've lived in two of those places; also spent considerable time in Springfield, when I had relatives residing there.

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Mentioned by Ann Barnhardt:

Nurse said, He said he was from Liberia, not Africa!


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Decades ago, a relative described driving his new furriner wife around south-eastern Oklahoma.

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Actual HuffPost update "CORRECTION: A previous version of this article referred incorrectly to Hawaii as an independent country"
Posted by: Kenya never looked so good

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Here's another "Their vote counts (at least) as much as yours"

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New island that rose from sea after earthquake 'emits flammable gas'...

Paradise for morons! Visit today!

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H sweater letter
Short & Tall Tales

They saw a sign directing them to "Heavener."

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