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One thing led to another and I watched these today:

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...It was taken 35 years ago. In the picture, an Army sergeant is on his belly, pinned down by enemy fire, looking grim and determined.

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cth, I was amused that you asked, what is it? Milady saw it and asked first, what is that? is that a flyswatter? Then it dawned on her.

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Been nice to have some time to hang out around the garden. I've got one more link for today. Local story.

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"ISIS now controls basically all the territory my unit and I stomped around during two deployments. All gone. Thanks for your time.

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AllenG: "This inability to actually wage war ties back to... Vietnam."

I mentioned this on the ONT. Might be worth mentioning again.

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I can't always keep track of what I found where. It's like when you tell someone, "Did you hear this story?" and they tell you, "Yeah, duh, dood, I told you that story!!"

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Iraq and Mexico, brought to you by the inheritors of Viet Nam. Now with extra kaboom. Not funny.


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There couldn't be a better time for China to take over Viet Nam and Korea, North at least.

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The Congressional Class of 1974 is Almost gone, Thank God

That photo certainly always does bring it back.


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"On this day in 1972 Nixon halted the bombing of North Vietnam. I was there."

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Communism. It's for the cool kids!
Radical Incline

20th Century's main cause of death & continuing. Some folks still don't get it.

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Comments open

"We--meaning Vietnam Vets--decided that nobody would ever do that to a soldier again. You get parades because we didn't."


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Subjects: respect, US military, Viet Nam

"So, 38 years later we get our revenge? Sounds like Viet Nam is going to get hit by that typhoon." -Jesse Pinkman

I thought we 'won' 'way back when VN got its first McD's!

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I was raised to have some very serious and sincere ideas about communists. - sven10077

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Karl Wendell Richter (October 4, 1942 – July 28, 1967) At the age of 23, Karl Richter had become the youngest American pilot to shoot down a MiG over Vietnam. -Wikipedia

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What undermined your faith in Government the most?.... : Bigby's Shadow Puppet Hands
Nixon's "Secret Plan to End the Viet Nam War."

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Egypt problems? Don't worry. I'm on it.

Did I mention I'm a decorated Viet Nam War veteran?

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I've watched this three times now, and I just can't keep from getting all teary. Why try?

Of all the horrors of war and national division during my high school and college years, over Viet Nam and the Draft and all, one of the most lingering, sickening memories was the abuse heaped on returning soldiers. It's hard to convey to my kids, it's so unbelievable. I wasn't clear about all the issues (in an era when our main source of information was Walter Cronkite), but I was always clear on this: It didn't matter what you thought about the war or politics or the draft, these returning men and women deserved congratulations, thanks, and to be given good jobs, and they got spit, derision, and ostracism.

That abominable history just makes scenes like this all the more sweet to watch, though.

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When Hanoi Jane went to NVN, I wondered how it was she did not get arrested and tried as a TRAITOR for "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Along with so many, I still wonder.

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