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OregonMuse: Compare Donahue's style with the sound-bite shouting that goes on today...

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I've had two items sitting open for a while. I was going to put them together in a poster or something, but I'll just post them here.

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Pete, I know you often mine Liberal Logic 101. Here’s a nugget you may’ve missed or just passed up.

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Just watched the first pitch video, again, with Daughter, a little while ago. The salute graphic is excellent accompaniment.

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Presidential salute, some academic noodling:

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I'll see if I can find the Nat'l Geog. Arlington video you recommended. Someday, I suppose, I'll have to get something like a Netflix account. Just one lottery win away from having every luxury.

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"...would it hurt for these idiots to fear the most powerful military ever just a little bit?"
—Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest

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To Vic and all the other VN Vets, "Thank you for your service and welcome home!"
Posted by: Sherry McEvil


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"We--meaning Vietnam Vets--decided that nobody would ever do that to a soldier again. You get parades because we didn't."


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Rest In Peace Dad.
Posted by: Oldsailors Poet

That was beautiful. Thank you to him from all of us who couldn't.

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Darwin strikes again showing that some animals are not meant to be pets... : Vic

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Am I early or is this page late? It's late for me in any case, but HI!

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Oh, you think you're hardened and steeled for anything. Kleenex alert, indeed! Then, the moment of the first bit of applause, uncontrollable lacrymation. Well done. The drama sneaks up on you. Of course, you didn't take Bob's warning and had to use your sleeve. And by you, of course, I mean me.

It's been a long time since I was in high school watching on TV as our returning Nam vets got spit on and cursed at, but I can't forget and all the more appreciate for the contrast how they are honored now. (Alas that their war seems to be going much the same.)

We just had two locals not come home alive, nineteen-year-old Spc. Sarina Butcher, of Checotah, the first female Oklahoma National Guard soldier killed during wartime, and 26-year-old Sgt. Christopher Gailey, of Ochelata, funeral here today. (Patriot Guard is on patrol; threat of Westboro slime.)
Spc Butcher (KJRH)
Sgt Gailey (E-E)

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