Communism is not that kind of party, dude!

20th Century's main cause of death & continuing.

When I was young, I observed that a precious few nuts wanted to get behind the Iron Curtain, while the bodies on the barbed wire at the Berlin Wall testified how mortally desperate many were to get out.

That seemed clear.

Never had reason to revise that image's lesson, only reinforced.

North Koreans, mourning, starving, parading

During Nam, I understood the protesters against an unfair draft, corporatized warfare, and thoughtless jingoism, but protesting these things got conflated with (or hijacked by) anti-war, pro-Communist, anti-American ideologues. All I could think was, had they not seen the bodies at the wall as I had?

Boat people escaping Communist Viet Nam

When the slaughter and torture of our abandoned SVN allies inevitably occurred, 'told you so' was awfully cold comfort.