WWII Vets with Honor Flight spontaneously cheered

What I said in the previous message about possibly previously posting goes for this one, too. I've watched this three times now, and I just can't keep from getting all teary. Why try?

Of all the horrors of war and national division during my high school and college years, over Viet Nam and the Draft and all, one of the most lingering, sickening memories was the abuse heaped on returning soldiers. It's hard to convey to my kids, it's so unbelievable. I wasn't clear about all the issues (in an era when our main source of information was Walter Cronkite), but I was always clear on this: It didn't matter what you thought about the war or politics or the draft, these returning men and women deserved congratulations, thanks, and to be given good jobs, and they got spit, derision, and ostracism.

That abominable history just makes scenes like this all the more sweet to watch, though.