Because of Her Daddy's Name

cth, I was amused that you asked, what is it? Milady saw it and asked first, what is that? is that a flyswatter? Then it dawned on her. (Working in public places, one becomes familiar with things like this.) Heh.

I've heard a lot of vets talk about lining up to water her grave.

On Ace of Spades, old Vic reports news & acid commentary almost every day, kind-of the Pistol Pete there. While I was taking advantage of my legal 2-S (student) draft dodge, Vic was dropping bombs on the Viet Cong. That anti-aircraft gun on which Hanoi Jane was sitting? It was aimed at him, generally, specifically, and politically. Infuriating beyond words.

That she was not tried as a traitor upon her return was really disturbing to me. What did such betrayal mean anymore if it went unpunished, practically unacknowledged as the heinous crime it is? I was still pretty naive about how far we had already sunk, I guess.

Now we have far worse than that airhead in the Oval Office.