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Sgt Schultz (John Bonner)

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Yes, in twenty years, we'll see a laugh-track-soaked half-hour situation comedy making lighthearted fun out of a time of horror and holocaust.

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Subjects: Sgt Schultz (John Bonner), Impeach Obama, parody

I thought that Hogan's Heroes clip was familiar.

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Subjects: Sgt Schultz (John Bonner), Eric Holder

Looking at my YouTube stats, I was surprised to see a spike just before Halloween. The surge was several dozen hits (which is viral for little ol''s uploads).

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, Sgt Schultz (John Bonner)
Radical Incline

After all, he's only the Director. Nobody tells him anything.

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O is not a dictator. He says.
Radical Incline

There's something strangely familiar about the voices of the Obama administration. Hmmm.

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Notifying CaptainGrumpy of the inspiration for the Sgt Schultz remix

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Sgt Schultz
Radical Incline

Sgt DW Schlutz knows nothing. Nothing!

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